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Supreem gives a lot of stress to new product development/innovation. Senior scientists work round the clock to churn out new product continuously. Supreem also outsources product development in various areas of interest. Current areas of focus include microencapsulation, clinical studies and herbal formulations.
  1. Tasteless Minerals.
  2. Herbal formulations
  3. Microencapsulated vitamins
  4. Sachets (vitamin D3, Amla,  Ginger)
  5. Preparation of several DMFs
  6. Process improvement

Future Plans:

We plan to recruit more scientists to work on benefits and solution from natural extracts.

We also would like to bring in recognition to our R&D department from Government of India.

Expand and deepen our insight into various herbal formulations.

Trouble shoot and provide solutions to customers facing problems with a product/service.

Expand in the field on Analytical development for pharma and natural products.